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Project Description
A centralized system for administering applications throught a SOA Enterprise Service Bus: Runtime environment (PROD, DEV, ...) , application and services versionning, security access level (SLA), activity monitoring.

The documentation center is available here: EAP Documentation Center.

This project is a part of a more global project named Open Enterprise Application Platform, which is composed of four main framework or platform:

Project Description
Enovatics Foundation Library A lightweight O/R Mapping solution for data access layers based on stored procedures, Strongly Typed cache management, CSV management, and a unified logging system.
Open Portal Foundation A lightweight foundation framework for creating scalable portals.
Open Dotnet CMS A lightweight solution for manage XML contents and pictures for your web sites.
Open SOA Platform (this project) Runtime environment management (PROD, DEV, ...) , application and services versionning, SLA, activity monitoring.


Project Vision

The aim is to create a Service Oriented Architecture with hight performance, centralized management and monitoring capabilities.


Based on .NET 2.0 and WSE 2.0

SOA architecture


SSO architecture


SOA Management Console : user management, application management and reporting




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